Aral Turboral SAE 15W-40


Volvo VDS-2; MAN M 3275-1; MB 228.3 / 229.1 / 235.28; Caterpillar ECF-2; Cummins CES 20076; CES 20077; Renault RVI RLD-2


ACEA E3; E5; E7; API CI-4/SL




Modern engine oil based on an improved mineral base for multigrade applications in heavy diesel engines that are not equipped with EGR exhaust systems and DPF particulate filters, with outstanding characteristics for their class and a highly effective additive package. Thanks to the use of the Aral XMF formula (eXtraMotorSchutzFormel®), it provides reliable engine protection, effectively counteracts the formation of deposits in difficult working conditions, including in the urban cycle and start-stop mode. It has a reserve for implementing extended drain intervals. It is not recommended for use in engines equipped with diesel particulate filters, gasoline engines of new passenger car models, as well as diesel engines of small commercial vehicles, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. For vehicles equipped with particulate filters, we recommend paying attention to the Aral MegaTurboral LA 10W-40, Aral SuperTurboral LA 5W-30. For the light motor group, as well as light commercial vehicles, we recommend paying attention to the Aral Tronic series