Aral Turboral SAE 10W-40


DAF HP-1/HP-2; Volvo VDS-2; MAN M 3275-1; MB 228.3 / 229.1 / 235.28; Caterpillar ECF-2; Deutz DQC III-10; EO-M Plus; Renault RLD; MTU (тип 2); Cummins CES 20.076; 20.077; 20.078


ACEA E3; E5; E7; API CI-4/SL




Semi-synthetic multigrade engine oil created using Aral-synthesis technology specifically for mixed fleets of cars. Thanks to the modern full-ash additive package and Aral XMF technology (eXtraMotorSchutzFormel®), it provides excellent engine cleanliness, protection against wear and deposits, and can be used with fuels with high sulfur content. Recommended for mixed fleets of vehicles not equipped with DPF particulate filters. Provides easy winter starting and reliable protection at high loads. It can be used both in trucks and in cars, subject to the recommendations of the automaker. Not recommended for use in engines equipped with particulate filters. When using small-tonnage commercial vehicles in diesel engines, as well as gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars, observe the car manufacturer's instructions. For vehicles equipped with particulate filters, we recommend paying attention to the Aral MegaTurboral LA 10W-40, Aral SuperTurboral LA 5W-30. For the light motor group, as well as light commercial vehicles, we also recommend paying attention to the Aral Tronic series.