Aral MegaTurboral LA SAE 10W-40


DAF HP-1/HP-2; MB 228.51 / 235.27; MAN M 3477; MTU (тип 3.1); Voith-Retarder клас A; Deutz DQC IV-10 LA; Scania Low Ash; Volvo VDS-4; Renault RVI RLD-3; Cummins CES 20081; Caterpillar ECF-3; Mack EO-0 Premium Plus






Semi-synthetic low-ash engine oil of the highest class for modern engines of heavy trucks equipped with exhaust gas recirculation systems EGR and DPF particulate filters. Manufactured using Aral synthesis technology with the Aral XMF engine protection formula (eXTra-Motorschutz-Formel®). It provides easy winter start-up, fuel economy, maximum protection and perfect engine cleanliness in the most difficult conditions during extended service intervals (in accordance with the recommendations of the automaker). Thanks to the use of a low-ash additive package, it guarantees maximum protection for exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. It is recommended to use fuel that is not lower than Euro V standard with a sulfur content reduced to 10 mgm / kg. It is possible to use it in modern minibuses (for example, in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter) if the manufacturer allows the use of cargo specification oils. It is not recommended for use in gasoline engines, as well as diesel engines of small commercial vehicles, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. For vehicles that use high sulfur fuel and are not equipped with DPF particulate filters, we recommend paying attention to Aral MegaTurboral 10W-40, Aral SuperTurboral 5W-30. For the light motor group, as well as light commercial vehicles, we recommend paying attention to the Aral Tronic series.