Aral SuperTurboral LA SAE 5W-30


MB 228.51; MAN M 3477/3677; Volvo VDS-3; Renault RLD-2/RXD






Synthetic low-ash engine oil for year-round use in the most modern diesel engines of heavy trucks of Euro V and Euro VI classes, equipped with exhaust gas recirculation systems EGR and diesel particulate filters DPF. The use of modern base oils, low-ash additive packages and the proprietary Aral XMF formula (eXtra-MotorSchutz-Formel®) provides maximum protection and cleanliness of the engine and turbines, and allows for extended (in accordance with the recommendations of the automaker) replacement intervals. The viscosity grade SAE 5W-30 provides easy engine starting in any weather and significant fuel savings of up to 4% compared to oils with a viscosity of 15W-40. Reduced ash content of the oil guarantees the maximum service life of diesel particulate filters and recirculation systems, but imposes restrictions on the sulfur content in the fuel. To ensure the greatest durability of systems to reduce exhaust toxicity and the implementation of extended service intervals, it is necessary to use Euro V fuel with a reduced sulfur content of up to 10 mgm / kg. It is not recommended for use in gasoline engines, as well as diesel engines of small commercial vehicles, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. For cars that run on fuels with high sulfur content and are not equipped with particulate filters, we recommend paying attention to Aral SuperTurboral 5W-30, Aral MegaTurboral 10W-40. For the light motor group, as well as light commercial vehicles, we recommend paying attention to the Aral Tronic series