Aral SuperTurboral SAE 5W-30


MB 228.5; Cummins CES 20.077; DAF HP-1/HP-2; MAN M 3277; MTU (тип 3); Renault RXD; Scania LDF; Volvo VDS-2






Fully synthetic multigrade engine oil of the highest class for use in the engines of the latest Euro V and Euro VI trucks, not equipped with diesel particulate filters. Thanks to the use of the most advanced base oils and additive packages, as well as the proprietary Aral XMF technology (eXtra MotorSchutz Formel®), it provides maximum engine protection and cleanliness, and allows for extended service intervals of up to 150,000 kilometers (in accordance with the recommendations of the car manufacturer). Aral SuperTurboral 5W-30 oil has the highest antioxidant and detergent properties, ensures perfect engine and turbine cleanliness, lack of deposits and performance stability even when using high sulfur fuel. For this reason, it is recommended for use in our conditions. SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade guarantees easy start-up and proper pressure in the lubrication system in any weather from the first crankshaft revolution, as well as fuel savings of up to 4% compared to SAE 15W-40 viscosity oils. It is not recommended for use in engines equipped with diesel particulate filters, gasoline engines, and diesel engines of small commercial vehicles, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. For vehicles equipped with particulate filters, we recommend paying attention to the Aral SuperTurboral LA 5W-30, Aral MegaTurboral LA 10W-40. For the light motor group, as well as light commercial vehicles, we recommend paying attention to the Aral Tronic series.